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Health benefits of yoga

Practicing yoga regularly can promote strength, flexibility, endurance and cultivate
calmness, well-being, compassion, and self-control. People identify yoga only with asana or physical practice, but asana is just one of the many healing tools of yoga.
Amazing Health Benefits of Yoga One of the distinct benefits of yoga is improved flexibility. When people practice yoga consistently, there will be loosening of the muscles and connective tissue that are
surrounding bones and joints.one of the many healing tools of yoga.

Improves cardiac health

Heart attack due to high blood pressure and diabetes is becoming increasingly common even in the younger generation. Antihypertensive medications cause several undesirable side effects. Researchers suggest that regular yogic practice can be effective medical therapy in controlling blood pressure. According to the European Journal of Preventive Cardiology, practicing yoga can help to modify cardio-metabolic health. Being consistent with yoga can lower blood pressure and strengthen heart health.


Helps achieve ideal weight
Yoga is incredibly helpful in managing obesity. Regular practice of yoga can improve diet. Yoga brings a mental shift towards healthy eating through mindful eating and reduced stress eating. With increased self-awareness, people learn to make a conscious selection of food.
Yoga can help to put the right mindset for weight loss. With regular yoga practice, we learn to adhere to a healthy diet and attain ideal weight. Also, it strengthens metabolism and digestion, leading to muscle build-up and calorie burning.

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