Vaarie Classic Face Cover


vaarie VH99 Face Mask


7 layers of breathable protection
Treated to actively neutralize bacteria and other harmful pathogens
Reusable and effective up to 30 wash cycles
Lightweight, adjustable ergonomic design for hours of comfortable use
Filters pollution, pollen and spores form inhalation
Splash-proof performance
100% fine combed cotton
100% recyclable

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Vaarie Mask powered by swiss Technology
This mask has outdoor enhanced 7 layer filtration system, which saves you from harmful gases, harmful odours, pollen, smoke, dust and all other harmful particles.

This Mask has been treated with Swiss engineered HeiQ V-Block technology proven to provide effective protection for fabrics against contamination from microbes. This fabric contains an antimicrobial agent to prevent microorganisms from spoiling and degrading the product. HeiQ V-Block treatment provides long lasting protection to the Mask, effectively resisting spoilage and deterioration by microorganisms. This fabric treatment is designed to protect only from spoilage and degradation by microorganisms, it does not protect users or others against human pathogens including disease causing bacteria, viruses or germs.

100% fine combed cotton & 100% recycleable

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