About Us

Vaarie (वारि) has a beautiful meaning in Vedic Sanskrit that means water, the most prized natural resource and probably the most precious one too. It is with these exact same values of water that we bring you the functional products and solutions with modern fabric innovations promising wellness, comfort, care and safety as our promise.

We started on this journey late spring of 2020 in San Jose, California, our home base for many decades now. What started as a simple search by a mom for quality face masks to keep my family safe in dealing with the pandemic, ended up with us partnering with the best textiles technology company HeiQ and co-innovating to design and develop the best antimicrobial face mask and wellness solutions.

The initial goal of creating the best face masks for family and friends soon turned into a passion to serve many as the amazing feedback we received from our early adopters. We took all the feedback and continued improving to develop a number of enterprise solutions as demanded by our esteemed customers.

As workplace employees, healthcare, firefighters, frontline workers and private citizens look for ways to keep themselves and their families safe, while managing the demands of daily life and maintaining vital social connections, we feel that the Vaarie VH99 wellness products with HeiQ V-Block technology gives the peace of mind to go about our day and focus on family, friends, work, school, and outdoor activities without worrying about their masks.

As a healthcare professional and sustainability champion we prioritized developing eco-friendly, bio-compatible and recyclable products. We’re happy to report that all our products meet these requirements as we aim for near-zero carbon footprint with our products, including our 100% cotton product packaging.

We hope you enjoy Vaarie’s eco-friendly and 100% recyclable products that we have developed with lots of love, care and wellness goals in mind.

Vaarie’s wellness products are FDA ready with all the required ISO certifications in place as highlighted in the respective product and certifications sections.

Our customers like yourself are our true North Star and we look forward to building a trusted partnership with you by relying on you to be our eyes and ears.

I truly welcome your feedback and please reach out to Team Vaarie at hello@vaarie.com for your inputs and feedback.

Sincerely Yours,

-Dr. Anu Singla

Founder & CEO